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Stripping Metal Hardware

The only person in this world who understands me is my husband. Maybe Nicole Curtis would too. (If you don’t know who Nicole Curtis of “Rehab Addict” fame is, stop reading my blog, look her up, and then come back). Most normal humans, given a 3 day summer holiday weekend, would kick back, relax, and […]

Victorian Re-purposing for a Craftsman Home

I have the immense good fortune to live within a 10 minute’s walk of an excellent (and well-priced) antique mall. My husband and I go there often just to see what we can stumble upon to help us in our renovation project. A little bit back, I found these lovely cast iron doohickeys that I […]

Ralph Lauren Metallic Paint – Review and Photos

A few weekends back, Dan went out of town for a few days for work, which to me is the signal for “Oo! Let’s try to get a house project finished as a surprise for when he comes back!” We had been wanting to paint an accent wall in the bedroom, but it was pretty […]

Missed One

While poking through my backlog of house photos, I realized I had a “quick fix” project that I had forgotten to post! This particular problem was a small known issue when we moved in – the garage front had a wood trim front along the upper of the doors that hadn’t been painted in a long […]

Tiles: The First Official Kitchen Post

Intro I wanted to share with you how one of our kitchen projects is turning out, first off because the project itself is mostly done, but also because it is a good example of just how crazy we are with home renovations and sheer dedication. In Arts and Crafts homes, tiling is a very important […]

Make it Work!

Ok, so first off an apology for the lesser frequency of posting. We are hard at work on the kitchen and it is eating up most of our renovation time/money at the moment. I really don’t want to blog about the projects there yet, however, since most things are unfinished and I’d rather give you […]