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Covering Fridge Dents

You know how it is when you buy a house – the appliances you see are the ones you get. Fair enough. The previous owners had purchased a scratch-and-dent fridge that was marked up on the sides, but the front was intact – presumably to save money. Fair enough. I would have done the same […]

So Easy, Even I Can Do It!

One of those little things I’ve wanted in our kitchen was a good way to hide the trash/recycling bins. It’s really not a good idea, aesthetically, to put all this blood, sweat, and tears into a project and then just leave a trash bin out in the middle of it when you’re done (I think). […]

Stripping Metal Hardware

The only person in this world who understands me is my husband. Maybe Nicole Curtis would too. (If you don’t know who Nicole Curtis of “Rehab Addict” fame is, stop reading my blog, look her up, and then come back). Most normal humans, given a 3 day summer holiday weekend, would kick back, relax, and […]