In June 2013, my husband and I purchased a 1917 Craftsman style home. While it has “good bones,” it has suffered through years of neglect, decade-specific ‘updates,’ and disrepair. We are throwing our hearts and our muscle into restoring this home to its former glory… or perhaps even better!

Through the act of restoring, not renovating, we hope to bring every part of the house back to the original look and feel of a Craftsman-style home in 1917. Of course updates need to be made to accommodate for a modern lifestyle, but we hope to make everything as true to original as possible. The ideal of the Arts and Crafts movement of the time is “honesty in craftsmanship,” or as my husband puts it, “if it looks like something, that is what it is,” (ie, no veneers, plastic, nothing fake). Our hope is to stick to this ideal as much as we can.

By bringing it back to its original era, we strive to create a home that will truly never go out of style, and will preserve the style and ideals of a bygone time. Thank you for visiting us on this journey!


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