Monthly Archives: June 2016

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

So this is sort of a house project because we’re going to use some of what we found in our house, but it’s also a little tangential because this project was actually more about saving a great piece of art and local history. Over the last three years, Dan and I have been keeping an […]

Upstairs Hall Floor

While we are always the kind of people who prefer to keep original features when possible, sometimes it’s not possible or safe. This was the case with our upstairs hall floors. There is a nice hardwood floor hiding under a lovely coating of… asbestos tile. Scratch that – crumbling asbestos tile. Yeek. We pretty much […]

Kitchen Cabinets

This project is one of those that I am the most proud of. It hits just about everything that I love and want out of our home projects. It 1) saved something old and well made out of the landfill, 2) brought out the beauty of something that had been covered under many layers of […]