Sometimes the Project Chooses You

The old adage says that the best way to make God laugh is to tell God your plans. I guess this holds true for houses as well. We have a priority list of projects, however it is constantly shifting as things come up. In this case, something that was at the bottom of our list moved itself up to “emergency” status!

About 3 am on December 24th – because your house always waits until a holiday for a “danger danger!” moment – I went to use the bathroom. Upon turning on the light, the bathroom light fixture made a noise and spat out a bunch of sparks. Great! This meant that I was at Lowes at 9 am on Christmas Eve, being ‘that person’ who was shopping for a light fixture on a holiday.


The old light, may it rest in peace.

Fortunately, we had known that this light was finicky and figured there were problems with it, so this wasn’t wholly unexpected. However, we didn’t plan on replacing it until we redid that bathroom. Ha to that!

Since nothing is easy, of course the new fixture I picked out was lower and we whacked the bulbs every time we opened up our medicine chest, so our poor handyman friend had to poke a hole in the wall and move up the light.


Light up, wall patched

Luckily the hole poking, patching, sanding, and painting only took a few days, and now we absolutely love the new bathroom light. It is MUCH brighter, and since Craftstman homes are ‘in’ right now, we were able to find lovely mica shades right at Lowes that fit the house much better. It really makes the bathroom look nicer.


In daytime lighting – I was so lucky to find real mica shades!


I love the way this looks in the evening, and the neat patterns it makes on the walls.

Now that that’s done, back to the original list!


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