Fan Fix-It

In general, I’d always like to give fixing something a shot before deciding to throw it out and get a new thing instead. In this case, our fan blades on the light fixture that came with our house were a bland shade of faux-golden-oak, a la 1995. It was suggested to Dan and I that we just throw out the fan blades and get new ones to match the kitchen. I have a hard time doing that, though, even if it is just a pressboard fan blade with an inexpensive veneer.

Had to try something.


It looks OK but not great.

Enter – my handy dandy old friend, Minwax Polyshades (remember it from this post? It’s worth noting again – Minwax Polyshades does NOT work on everything. Please test it BEFORE you use it! I ruined a project with it once, and have heard other people tell me they had bad experiences with it. Polyshades is like the girl from that old poem. When it’s good, it’s very very good and when it’s bad, it’s horrid.

In this case, it was good. I simply pulled down the fan blades…


Taking these down is so easy, I promise you anyone, even the least handy, can do this.

Added one coat of Polyshades in Bombay Mahogany applied with a sponge brush, and re-installed the fan blades.


One day we will probably replace this with a better fixture, but until then this fan looks quite nice and now it matches the room.

Done! It was an easy and cheap fix, since I already had all the supplies. A zero dollar project, and some potential garbage saved from the landfill makes for a successful DIY in my book.


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