New Light Update

There are pros and cons to buying mostly antique things. Pros – they fit with the style of our home, are made well and of sturdy materials, and are unique. Cons – the can be difficult to retrofit to modern standards for things like wiring, plumbing, etc.

In the case of our new upstairs hall light, we purchased it on clearance at Lowes because it just fits really nicely with our home scheme. Because it was new, it took us less than 20 minutes to install it. However, when I showed the picture to a friend of mine, it turned out she had this light in her house too! The fixture may not be particularly unique this time around, but it did make for a quick and easy project, and it is such a positive change from the previous light fixture.


Old light


Boring old light


New light! So Arts and Craftsy! So Tiffany! So nice!


A much better fit for the house


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