Kitchen Island

This project was one that we only worked on halfway – it was a special one that was Dan’s father’s anniversary gift to us. (It did take a little time to finish so it kind of ended up being a first and second anniversary present but hey! it is amazing and certainly worth the time and then some). He really wanted to make us a kitchen island, and there was absolutely space for one, so we said an enthusiastic yes.

The thing that made this extra special, besides being hand made by a family member, was that the structure for the island was taken from some cabinets from the 1930’s era house Dan grew up in. Some of the cabinets had managed to make it through a move, and were being used as workshop cabinets. Now, they will be a permanent part of our home!


The original cabinets, pulled out long ago from their home, now to serve as the sentimental heart of our kitchen.

We worked on some of the little add-on pieces to go with the cabinet, such as some support corbels…


Checking the corbels against the base for size and placement.

Finishing some Amish made Mission-style stools…


I love how these turned out – very Greene and Greene pagoda style. And for new construction, you simply cannot beat Amish craftsmanship! We special ordered these and had them left raw so that we could do the staining and varnishing.

And finishing a wine rack. Just like with many home projects, the wine rack had a bit of a moment when the supports for it broke. In two places. Luckily, the company was very responsive and they sent us two new ones, so that project was only delayed for a week.


Assembling the wine rack – we also purchased this raw and refinished it ourselves. That was actually the only option so it’s a good thing I’m handy with a stain can!


Most projects don’t go off perfect the first time. This rear piece arrived bowed and it cracked the second we tried to install it. Yeek.

Dan’s dad is an excellent woodworker, and he chose the materials and built the island in his basement. We moved it (with some difficulty) here and into place, and now it is the one mostly finished piece in the kitchen. It makes for a lovely focal point, and it has some great features, my favorite of which is a dedicated, enclosed spice rack:


Since it is enclosed, even though the spice rack faces the window it protects the contents from sunlight and heat. It’s perfect! And yes, I alphabetized all the spices in it.

We also loved the butcher block that he chose, and decided to use it as the countertops throughout the rest of the kitchen. This is your kitchen countertop preview!


Nothing to say but ❤ ❤ ❤

The island is so handy to have around. It provides a focal point in a large room, storage, a place to sit, and extra countertop space near both the sink and stove. This is the piece that will really tie the whole room together.


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