Thrifting Luck

As an avid thrifter, antiquer, and restorer, I am used to the fact that most of the things I find will not be perfect. Most things will need some kind of finishing, tweaking, or fixing to make them work and/or fit in the space you need.

Once in a while, however, you accidentally hit the thrifting jackpot. I needed some sort of an organizer for near our back door (for shoes, dog stuff, scarves, and so on). I found this lovely little organizer for a great price…


Aren’t you a cute little furniture piece! Yes you are!

..and proceeded to haul it home. It was already newly painted and in great shape, which was a big step up from most things, however when we got it home we realized that the back had at one point been whittled to fit around a baseboard. A baseboard the… exact… size as.. OUR… baseboards!



Just like a puzzle piece! We had to do absolutely nothing to this piece. Once in a while you hit the thrift store lottery, and it feels great (and leaves time for other projects!).


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