Monthly Archives: September 2015

Quick Curtain Tutorial

If you are looking for the right curtains for your home and are having trouble finding something that you love, or if you would like to save money, or both, I’m happy to say that making your own is quite easy and only takes a few hours of your time. If you have a functional […]

New Light Update

There are pros and cons to buying mostly antique things. Pros – they fit with the style of our home, are made well and of sturdy materials, and are unique. Cons – the can be difficult to retrofit to modern standards for things like wiring, plumbing, etc. In the case of our new upstairs hall […]

Kitchen Island

This project was one that we only worked on halfway – it was a special one that was Dan’s father’s anniversary gift to us. (It did take a little time to finish so it kind of ended up being a first and second anniversary present but hey! it isĀ amazing and certainly worth the time and […]

Thrifting Luck

As an avid thrifter, antiquer, and restorer, I am used to the fact that most of the things I find will not be perfect. Most things will need some kind of finishing, tweaking, or fixing to make them work and/or fit in the space you need. Once in a while, however, you accidentally hit the […]