Re-Wire All The Things!

This post is a quickie, with a handy tip to those of us who like to thrift and antique:

Re-wire your lamps if you need to! It’s cheaper than you may think.

The story behind the tip…

Once upon a time, when moving apartments, we found a hidden room behind our apartment wall (yes really, hidden room). In it, there was a cool lamp base that, upon Googling, seemed to be from the 1930’s.


I think this actually counts as some sort of weapon


The base has some lovely floral detailing on it. Not bad for “FREE.”

It clearly had long ago been stripped of all electric components. Fearing that getting it re-wired would be expensive, it sat around in our attic for two years, doing nothing.

Finally, earlier this year I got my butt in gear and dragged it to a local lighting store to find that (surprise surprise), putting all the lighting components back into this base would only run us about $70! Considering they had absolutely nothing to work with and had to build it up from nothing, this seemed to me to be a much better price than I had originally thought it would run.

Now, we have a beautiful antique lamp in the corner of our living room, and I no longer fear the lighting people. Next time I see a thrifty lighting buy that needs some work, I’m snapping it up!


I went online to purchase a real mica shade for it (mica was all the rage in Craftsman homes). The shade cost more than the electrical work on the lamp!


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