So Easy, Even I Can Do It!

One of those little things I’ve wanted in our kitchen was a good way to hide the trash/recycling bins. It’s really not a good idea, aesthetically, to put all this blood, sweat, and tears into a project and then just leave a trash bin out in the middle of it when you’re done (I think). After a bit of poking around on the interwebs, I realized that there are kits that give you little pull out, under counter trash cans, all pre-made for you. I love it when things are easy!

This weekend, I finally got around to dropping the $75 on the kit I wanted, and am happy to report that this little project was a cinch, and the kit was worth the money for the time and effort it saved me.

Exhibit A: Cabinet, empty and alone.


Exhibit B: The “Rev-A-Shelf” insert, available at your local Lowe’s or It seems expensive, but for what it is, I’d say worth it.


After about 10 minutes of unpacking and setup, all it takes is 4 screws to install this in a cabinet. I got about 95% of the way there on my own, and had Dan help me out with finishing up the screwing in part – let’s face it, I just suck at power tools. One day I will be better! This was not that day.

Exhibits C & D: Just a few minutes later, we were up and running!

IMG_20150628_135314046 IMG_20150628_135320383

It tucks nicely into the cabinet, and has a handy-dandy handle to pull it out when you need it. Easy project, and one more done to check off the list!


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