Monthly Archives: July 2015

Re-Wire All The Things!

This post is a quickie, with a handy tip to those of us who like to thrift and antique: Re-wire your lamps if you need to! It’s cheaper than you may think. The story behind the tip… Once upon a time, when moving apartments, we found a hidden room behind our apartment wall (yes really, […]

Covering Fridge Dents

You know how it is when you buy a house – the appliances you see are the ones you get. Fair enough. The previous owners had purchased a scratch-and-dent fridge that was marked up on the sides, but the front was intact – presumably to save money. Fair enough. I would have done the same […]

Open Shelving

Since the kitchen is slo-oo-owly coming together, it’s about time to start trickling out some more of the finished projects. One of my favorites is the open shelving that we finished a few weeks back. It was a comparatively easy project, and the impact it has on the room is great. First – the why. […]

So Easy, Even I Can Do It!

One of those little things I’ve wanted in our kitchen was a good way to hide the trash/recycling bins. It’s really not a good idea, aesthetically, to put all this blood, sweat, and tears into a project and then just leave a trash bin out in the middle of it when you’re done (I think). […]