Ralph Lauren Metallic Paint – Review and Photos

A few weekends back, Dan went out of town for a few days for work, which to me is the signal for “Oo! Let’s try to get a house project finished as a surprise for when he comes back!” We had been wanting to paint an accent wall in the bedroom, but it was pretty low on the priority list and hadn’t happened yet. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to tackle that project.

While previously shopping around for other things at Home Depot, we had picked up a brochure for Ralph Lauren’s new metallic paint line, and instantly fell in love with the gold/green color of “Old Verdiquis.” It was an immediate agreement to paint the future bedroom accent wall in that color. Instant “YES” moments in life are few, so you must embrace them when they happen!

I am happy to report that the metallic paint was a great choice, and we both love it! The fun part too is that everyone who sees the wall thinks it looks like a different color. It really is a chameleon in different lighting and at different angles.

Enough chat – let’s get to the before and after! Details on the project, including paint application techniques, after the photos.



After (evening lighting):


After (daytime lighting, with dog):


So all in all, this project took me about three days of 2-3 hours of painting in the evening. That is because 1) I had to run back to Home Depot for missing supplies and 2) the well-intentioned staff members at Home Depot pointed me down the completely wrong direction, leading me to spend more time on this than was necessary. I would have followed the instructions on the can, but it was mis-printed and the text was too fuzzy to read. Lesson learned!

Here is what I learned applying this paint – first off, unless the wall is severely stained or has never been painted before, you probably don’t need primer. I applied primer as directed by the salesperson, and it really didn’t help anything. The dark color and metallic sheen of the paint still needed a few coats for proper coverage, primer or not.

Secondly, be sure you watch the how-to video at Ralph Lauren’s website first! It would have saved me a lot of time and worry. Link to the metallic paint section of their website here, and you will need to scroll down for the how-to video. Basically, initial application is simple and normal – 2 coats with a normal roller. However, this will leave roller streaks due to the nature of the paint sheen. Do not worry! Final coat is done lightly, with a sponge, which leaves a lovely mottled metallic look. If you follow these directions, your project will go easier than mine, and it will look great!

Some more in-progress pictures to help you along your journey.

Wall after primer coat:


This is what it looks like after the first coat. Keep on trucking! Do not despair! Follow the path of the final sponge coat, and all will be well.


After round 2 of the roller and then final sponge coating:


Your end result will look like this. I really love that this metallic paint is out there as an option, as it is an inexpensive finish that looks super luxurious (one $23 quart covers an accent wall like this), and it is so different from anything else out there. It is a lot of fun to watch how the paint looks so different in varying lighting settings and times of day. I love it!


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