Finishing Touches

Noticed that I haven’t put up a blog post since October? Don’t worry – I haven’t forgotten or stopped working on the house, but we adopted this little guy in early November, and he has been taking up a lot of our free time lately:


Who, me?

Also, we have been working on THE big project (the kitchen) and I really don’t want to reveal too much in progress before it is finished, so that kind of cuts out most of the things I’d have to blog about.

That being said, I’ll find some fun things to post about anyways! Over the summer, we found a few cool antique/vintage items to dress up the house. Such as…


This cool fella, which we got for a song at a garage sale. It was actually originally a mirror that went to a dressing table, but it had been long since separated. We hung it upside down and voila – now it is a great entryway mirror!


Another view, to show off its impressive size

We also found a neat little dresser while on a family vacation to Deep Creek, Maryland, and used it to replace a modern end table in the bedroom.




After – dressed up with a candelabra purchased from a local estate sale

It’s little changes like these that, over time, will fill out the rooms and give them the final touch of authenticity. Plus, heck, antiquing is fun!



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