Dan’s Birthday Present

I don’t think we’re normal. For Dan’s birthday a few months back, I got him a stained glass window that he had coveted for a while. It may not be what ‘normal’ folks do for birthdays, but apparently old house stuff is what we are into! That’s how we do.


Here she is! Remember the MacKintosh rose motif I talked about in the last post? Another great example of MacKintosh inspired period art.

He really wanted to hang it up somewhere so that the light could shine through behind it and illuminate it the way that stained glass it meant to be seen. That being said, we didn’t have the time bandwidth or funding to rip out a window and put this in instead. Luckily, we saw a lovely, *very expensive* house in a recent issue of “Arts and Crafts” magazine that had simply hung stained glass in front of their existing windows and blended it in to match and look like it belonged. We hadn’t considered that before and decided to give it a shot.


Dan measuring a piece of salvage antique trim for mounting above the existing window frame as a base for the new window.

This piece was in “ok” shape when purchased, so we took it to a stained glass repair studio to have the frame repaired a bit to make sure it was very sturdy before hanging. That was a very well spent $50, I think. Also as you can see someone had Sharpied on the original glass. Luckily, glass is non-porous and a little acetone nail polish remover and a lot of elbow grease did the trick.

After painting the new trim piece to match the existing frame and mounting the freshly repaired window, we think it makes a wonderful addition to the hallway!



I’m in love with the colors in this!


Close up of the hardware and trim piece


View coming up the stairs. We intentionally left the side of the window unpainted so that it stands out as a contrast.


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