It’s Amazing What a Fresh Coat of Paint…

First off, you’d think by now I would remember to take “before” pictures. But this time, I didn’t! But, since this is a fence project, I just took a picture of a different portion of our fencing which is in the same tattered “before” state, so at least you get the idea. Moving on!

Our fence looked pretty dry and weathered, with some boards starting to lean and crack. I was feeling like we might just have to replace it, but my father-in-law convinced me to attempt a coat of stain/sealer first to see how it would work. And guess what, it did! Luckily, the easy way out was also a good way out this time.






Complete with a set of hand-me-down lawn furniture (I ain’t too proud):


Featuring a can of apricot flavored ‘La Croix’ because it was hot out.

I also added the fence planter – found it at our favorite antique store and it is made of a super solid, heavy resin. It will outlast the fence!

Bonus: used the same stain we used on the back porch so everything matches. Ahhhhh.


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