Follow-Up Porch Post

Dan had taken a few more photos with a different camera that he wanted to add on to the last post, so here you do – the addendum to the porch post, now with more pictures!


Here you can see how we created a slight angle to the porch so that the rain will always run away from the house. We used a series of boards in descending sizes, covered them with plywood, and then covered all that with tar paper for the base. Waterproof and correctly angled! (Previously the porch was tilted eeeever so slightly towards the house. That was a no-no!)


Side view of everything – sort of like a cross-section of the porch construction. Like layers on a cake. 


Aaaand finally, this is what happens when you don’t cure your pressure-treated wood BEFORE you cut it. The websites will all tell you “oh, the boards only shrink a little bit,” but guess what! That ‘little bit’ adds up to a ‘lot bit’ over a cumulative project. Kiddos, you have been warned. 


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