The Day the Neon Died

Up until a few months ago, we had managed to cover up all the neon paint colors in our house, except for one room. To be honest, it looked like it had previously been a child’s room, so at least there was a reason for the really (really really really) bright paint colors and the cartoon animal border. But still, it made my head hurt. They had painted over even the windowsills and door frames in neon greens and blues, so the room looked like one big set from Nickelodeon.


Before: photo of the untouched room

There also was some fairly 90’s-tastic blue plush carpet that we replaced with Berber. Bonus – it was the Berber carpet that we had ripped up from the downstairs when we re-did the wood floors, so it was reused/recycled and saved us lots of money.




Working around the edges to eradicate the day-glo green


A nice shot of the delightful, eyeball rattling combination of tones


Since these colors aren’t exactly ‘period appropriate’ and also they made my head hurt, it was time for them to go.

First, I stripped off the old wallpaper border (kiddos: please don’t inflict a wallpaper border on the next people to own your house. It’s the most annoying thing to scrape off, ever). We tried a few methods, but scoring the paper and soaking it with a 50/50 vinegar/water mix actually worked the best. What did NOT work was the heat gun. It just made it smell like the house was on fire.


I even pinstriped the door trim!

We wanted this room to have more of a clean Art Deco vibe, so we decided on an era-appropriate steely bluish gray for the walls, with a clean white trim. After a few coats of the new color, the room really did seem cleaner, bigger, and brighter.


We also purchased a Deco-looking daybed so that the room could be used as a guest room, or a hangout spot. As you can see from the above photo, this is also where we go to exercise (the bike has to live somewhere!).


Add in some artwork done by the husband, some drapes that I sewed up, as well as a few family pictures, and you have yourself a homey room!


Shush, I know the painting isn’t straightened perfectly


Ahhh… matchy-matchy zen

Oh yes, remember that repainted chest from the last post? This is where it went! I even saved some of the wall paint to use on it, so that it perfectly matches the room.


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