My Husband Makes Cool Things

This post is going to be on a house project that I actually had very little part in – my husband is an artist, and he is quite excited to add his touch to our house plans. This is the first (of many) heavily artistic projects he has finished and I think it turned out just awesomely.

When we purchased our house, there was a spot at the top of the stairwell that just… didn’t have a railing. The spot had been poorly boarded up with a piece of wood, and it really stood out as something that just looked unfinished, and a little dangerous.


The hole. Seems safe, right?

Rather than just paint the board and call it a day, my husband designed a lovely Art Nouveau inspired piece to cover the opening, particularly modeled after the artwork by Alphonse Mucha, the ‘father of Art Nouveau.’

He traced his design out onto a higher quality piece of wood, and (luckily) we had a friend who does woodworking offer to cut out the design for us. After being cut, sanded, stained, and sprayed with a matte varnish, it came out like this:



While that was a lot of work, we also had the tricky task of matching the framing to the existing stairwell woodwork. We scrounged up some similar looking antique railing pieces from our local construction salvage store, and the husband cobbled them together to match perfectly. I swear you would never be able to tell the difference now!


Raw pieces of some of the antique trim that we used. Also, you can see the original board that was covering the railing gap in the corner of this photo.


Side view of the baseboard pieces, attached together to form one piece that matches the original style.


Front view of the baseboard piece

We then got all the pieces securely fastened together and in place, painted over any pieces of trim that were showing, and now have an absolutely beautiful railing that looks like it could have been there all along! It is such a satisfying update to the way it looked before. I’m lucky to have married such a talented artist!


Closeup view from the top of the stairs. The handrail matches the existing railing almost perfectly.


View coming up the staircase, with light shining behind to illuminate the railing silhouette.


View from the top of the stairs looking down along our wall of family photos



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