Chest Repaint

Salvage stores are fun. Sometimes you find things you are looking for, and sometimes you find things you never knew you wanted. This is a case of both.

We had gone to a local construction salvage place looking for some interesting cabinets for our kitchen renovation (currently in progress) and found one that we both really liked, and it was a great price! The only thing was, it came with a “part two” of a decidedly less attractive matching chest.


Hi chest. We didn’t want you.

Regardless of whether we liked it or not, we were basically stuck with this extraneous piece of furniture. This left me in a situation ripe for experimentation – if I tried something on it, and it didn’t work out, it would really only leave me back at square one. 

As you can see, this chest had sort of a 70’s vibe to it. But, if I squinted and used my imagination… a lot of squinting and a lot of imagination… I could see it being re-painted and re-handled to have an Art Deco feel, which is much more in keeping with the time period of the house.

So, that is exactly what I did! I even used some leftover paint from the walls of the room it was intended for (full reno pictures of that room to come soon) to make sure that it matched the color scheme exactly. It was a lot painstaking, but I think it was worth it in the end.


Deco, dontcha think?

Funny side note about the handles – they were quite literally the only ones I could find that fit the hardware holes, so that’s what I had to work with! Luckily, I liked them. Funnily, they are installed intentionally upside-down, as they would not fit with the wood trim when placed right side up! I like them better this way, though.

If you’re wondering about methodology, I used some fine grit sandpaper to prep the surfaces, and used mostly wall paint samples for the tiny squares. The black was a heavier-duty high gloss paint, since it was intended for the top surface, where most of the wear and tear would take place. Since this was a newer piece, a lot of the surfaces were veneers, but everything still seems to have worked out just fine!


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