Last bathroom post. For now. I promise.

There is one more thing I’d like to talk about in our bathroom, because we all put a lot of thought into all aspects of it, and dang if it didn’t come out just groovy.

The fan.

For starters, our bathroom didn’t have a fan. This is one of the reasons why the ceiling was crumbling and mildewy when we moved in. We put in a nice new ceiling but didn’t want to have problems with it again, so we also decided to put in a fan! Logical, we thought.

Luckily, our awesome contractor shares the same vision that we do. Keeping with what we are doing with the rest of the house, we wanted to put in a fan that wasn’t just an off-the-shelf modern fixture. It had to fit, to look authentic and keep with the architectural style of the house.

Our contractor had the idea of putting in a hidden fan, where the piping is run up through the ceiling of the bathroom, and the fan itself lives a little farther down in the vent pipe. He used a heavy-duty model that normally isn’t used for this purpose so that it could be farther down and up in the ceiling (thus quieter), but still move the same amount of air. Which it does, and it’s great!

That left us with a ceiling hole to cover up.


The ceiling hole.

The three of us spit-balled ideas back and forth; our contractor had the idea to try and find an antique vent cover of some sort, or possibly design one that looked antique, that would keep everything looking ‘old.’

Husband looked through his arts and crafts design books and we came up with some ideas that we all liked and wanted to model the cover after:


Our inspiration pages from 1920’s era design books


Our inspiration pages from 1920’s era design books

Husband liked these specific designs as they are visibly influenced by the Greene and Greene style of design. Greene and Greene was a design firm that was huge in the Arts and Crafts movement. They pulled a lot of influence from Japanese design aesthetics, and harmonized them with the bungalow-style Arts and Craft homes of their era. More info on Greene and Greene here:, and some lovely photos of their work at:

The antiquing luck-dragon smiled down upon me, because I happened to find this bronze candle holder:


Which had the exact type of pattern we were looking for! Happily, husband is a metalsmith, so he was able to lop off the candlestick part, drill in a few more holes and…


Thank the antiquing luck dragon for this find!


…voila! Just the look we were going for. Don’t you love it when that sort of thing happens?


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