Bathroom – Tiny Details

Lots of little detail work went into the bathroom, but it’s difficult to point out in person (I can’t really just walk behind a visitor as they’re going into the bathroom and go “oh and look at this cool thing…” It’s just awkward).

So, I figured the blog would be a fun place to put up some pictures of the little things you might not notice on first, second, or third glance.

Mostly, this is me having fun now that I have a place to display cool things that I’ve picked up along the path of life. It’s one of the rewarding aspects of home ownership 🙂 Plus, I’d like to show how you can find things that appeal to you all over the place, from low-end knock off stores to the streets of France, and make them work together in a way that suits your own personality.


Jacquard-style rug, found at Marshall’s. It was just what we needed for this room, and cheap!



Vintage glass doorknob that we found at a local antique shop


1920’s-era sterling silver chain purse – a gift from Dan from a few years back. I’m so happy to have place to display it now. It should be seen!


Vintage Limoges porcelain soap dish, found at a local antique store


We found this unique light switch cover at a local construction salvage store. It’s probably not vintage (since it has two holes for modern switches) but it fits. We used black paint dry brushing to ‘antique’ it a bit.


Stone wall hanging found at the medieval city of Carcassone, France


Cookie tin from the south of France, from one of my favorite snack shops there! Next to it is a tiny figurine from a French ‘king cake.’ The candle is from the Cathedrale Saint-Sauveur, which was across the street from the university I attended.


We used silk flowers for our wedding, and one of my favorite happy side effects of that is getting to keep them forever and display them around the house. I get to enjoy them again every day! The figurines were picked up from a thrift store a while back, I forget where now. They don’t have a particularly interesting history as far as I know, but they just look cool!


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