Bathroom Cabinet Quick Fix

The upstairs bathroom was by far the worst room in the house when we moved in. You have seen the photos of the crumbling ceiling from when we moved in (haven’t you? Check it out here: We don’t want to do a total reno of this room (yet) but it needed some serious help to be livable.

The next cheap and fast update we did was to paint the bathroom cabinets. “My goodness!” you may say, fanning yourself, “painting wood? Isn’t that against everything you stand for!?” Yes, yes it is. That being said, these are poor quality blonde “oak” style, clearly from the 90’s, that cabinet type that seemed to multiply like a cockroach for an entire decade of interior design. There is no love lost here, trust me.

IMG_1513 IMG_1523 IMG_1526

See what I mean?

I had a vision for them. A “shabby chic,” French vision.

Apply two coats of white paint…


Carefully detail in a two-toned glaze using dark and light browns, add in some 20’s era reproduction hardware…

IMG_1571 IMG_1580 IMG_1585 IMG_1587 IMG_1588

And voila! They are like new! Or like old, but at least they are French-style old, not 90’s style ‘rolled bangs’ old.

Bonus? We went to the Home Depot a few weeks later to price out some kitchen things, and saw the exact same style of cabinets, same colors and everything, as a “designer” look. We managed the same with about $15 in paint, and $40 in hardware. Score!

Extra bonus? Dan’s mom thought we had also swapped out the sink top – which we hadn’t. The renovation just gave these cabinets a very striking facelift!




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