Hallway Makeover

Throughout the house, there are solid wooden beams that are lovely architectural elements from the original design. In all the rooms, however, they were previously painted the same color as the walls, so it wasn’t very striking.


Eventually, we would like to pull the paint off these beams entirely and expose the original hardwood, but in the meantime we decided to do a quick update on the upstairs hall beams to make them ‘pop’ more. We picked an era-appropriate earthy-peachy tone designed to match a 1917 “Vanity Fair” cover that we have hanging in the hallway. I picked up this piece in Seattle, and loved it for our house as it is a great example of period art. The bonus that made it a ‘must have’ – it’s from the same year our house was built.


After the paint update – which only took an afternoon!- we really felt that we needed a corner table to pull the room together. Luckily, the local antique store was still open for another half hour, so we ran down and ran around and with a little luck found exactly what we were looking for. The dealer had just put the sticker on this table when we claimed it. That was fast!


One day, about $60 in supplies and furniture, and new life is breathed into a previously unexciting room. (Added plus: the table now hides the carbon monoxide detector on the wall!)


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