Let There Be Light

In one of the upstairs bedrooms, there is a light switch next to the door. Did it go to anything? Seemingly no. You could flick it on and off all day and nothing would happen.

Coincidentally, there was no light in the ceiling, but a little plastic disk capping off what could have been.


Just a sad and lonely little plastic cap.

Eventually, we got pretty tired of only having lamps in that room, so we decided to investigate the ceiling-disk. With the help of our friend (hi, Rodger!), we found out that the plastic thingie was capping off a hole in the ceiling and, hurray, there were wires running to it!


On the plus side, updated wiring. Conversely, this is not the proper way to wire things.

On the downside, the wires were not correctly boxed, or boxed at all, so there was a little electrical work in store for us.

Darling husband and father in law got to work; they cut a new hole in the ceiling, installed an electrical box on a nearby joist, grounded the wires, and ran them through the box (which is what you are * supposed * to do for a ceiling light. So I’ve been told).


Happy little wires

We were now ready to install our ceiling light! Husband found a nearly-new light that had the old style ‘look’ we wanted at a building salvage store for $5. We put it up and, voila, the room was instantly better!

Self explanatory, but this is the fixture we installed

With the cost of the fixture and materials, this was a less than $15 project that really added a lot to the house.

Oh, and it turns out that phantom switch does run to that part of the room, so now we can have light whenever we want. What a luxury, right?


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