In case you think I’ve been slacking…

I realize that no new projects have been posted in a while, but it’s really just because we haven’t finished anything recently, not because we haven’t been working on the house! With the cold weather, it’s difficult to get things more than halfway done, as some projects just require ventilation at some point to finish (painting, sanding, varnishing, and so on).

Luckily, there was a streak of ‘warm’ (50 degree) weather this weekend, so I had a 9 hour painting spree on Saturday. Nothing is finished yet, but here is a picture so that you can visualize exactly what kind of a construction zone we are living in right now with all our projects going on!


Hello, construction zone!

I just have to keep telling myself that none of our stuff is in the bathroom right now, but it’s because things are improving! It’s the storm before the calm.


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