Rusty Hinges

This is what your basement door (you know, the thing to keep out intruders and weather) is not supposed to look like:


Yes, that is vinyl siding, ‘cleverly’ jerry-rigged into being a door by fastening it to a (now rotting) wood frame.


Actual rotting wood from the frame

…And the hinges had rusted to the point that the only way to open the door was to literally lift it up and off the broken hinges, and throw it in the grass. Fun! Totally secure and water-tight. Ok, maybe that was sarcasm.

It actually made for a river of mud in the basement every time it rained. As you can imagine, this is one of those projects we desperately wanted to finish before winter set in.

So, we ordered a steel door and frame (Gordon’s brand, if yer wondering) to replace the scary one. Neither Dan nor I have any experience installing basement doors, so luckily we just *happened* to have a friend who was visiting that weekend who did, and who had many power tools. I’m not sure what all went on back there, but after about two afternoons of work and manly blood, sweat, and tears, they emerged victorious, and the new door was in.


Dan, hard at work installing the door


No judging – this is the only color it came in!

The steel only came primed, not painted, so per the instructions on the inside of the door, we got ourselves to the paint store, bought a can of exterior alkyd enamel, and got to it.


Results? Shiny!!


As in, it actually shines. It’s pretty cool. I think it makes the exterior of the home look much nicer overall. Less mold and algae, more cool, clean steel.

Another day, another project accomplished!

(Actual timeline was not only an actual day. Took more like a month and a half to pull off old door, install new one, and paint. That little bugger had a surprising amount of crevices that took longer to finish painting than you’d think. And spiders can hide in those crevices. And attack you. In the end, I won. They really don’t like being painted over, but it is an effective eradication technique. While maybe a little scarring, the end result was worth it!)


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