Harp Room Vignettes

Due to several factors – continued lingering illness with people who are helping us with some projects, Dan being out of town for work, and a prolonged painfully slow start to our next project (due to non-budging wallpaper), there isn’t much exciting to report right now. So, for fun I thought I’d take you on a more in-depth tour of our last project!

Since the harp room is a large size and difficult to photograph while still capturing everything at one time, these pictures to show what is going on in the whole room. This includes modifications we made, pictures of how things are decorated, and how we are using the space.

First up is the closet: it is one of those old style closets that is very long and narrow, but shallow. It is lined with shelving all the way up, so it is impossible to hang clothes in. Even if you could, it is too shallow to fit a hanger. So, we purchased matching organizational cubes to use the space effectively.


The closet is also doorless (we think what used to be the door is stored in the garage – sadly it is warped and will need some TLC to become functional), so that means neat, attractive storage is a must. I think it turned out about as well as it could have!


In the corner rests the harp, with a protective cloth draped over it when not in use. This keeps the wood from discoloring in the sunlight. Hanging above is a reproduction print I purchased in Paris of an Alphonse Mucha (our favorite artist!) drawing. It was originally created as an advertising piece for F. Champenois, a French printing company. You will see many more works by Mucha throughout the house!


Along the wall is a bookshelf, styled with a green cloth, vase (by Ikea), silver pedestal (Dan’s since high school), and candelabra (picked up at an estate sale). It’s fun to take things from all over and integrate them together into a cohesive ‘look.’


The arms of the candelabra are movable, which makes it extra cool. No idea how old it is, but we did purchase it from an estate sale just a few doors down, so it’s great – I think – to keep it in the neighborhood. The little glass dish pictured here was an engagement present, and I use it to display out the headpiece I wore for our wedding. It’s so special to be able to look at it every day and savor happy memories in a small way.


Set up along the other wall is my makeup vanity. I used an old Singer sewing machine purchased off Craigslist for the vanity. It makes for a great one! The long, narrow drawers are perfect for holding cosmetics. The chair was a salvage from a Catholic church that was remodeling, and the vase was a thrift stand find from a vacation to Virginia. (Yes, I mean thrift stand – it was a stand just off the side of a road. Not enough walls to really call it a ‘shop!’)


Speaking of the vase, it makes a clever and beautiful place to keep hair styling irons while in use and while they are cooling off! The little dip at the top is the perfect size to hold a straightener or curling iron. Fun tip! Now you have another excuse to go out and buy beautiful vase/pitcher things.


In the corner by the closet sits our rocking chair that Dan’s grandmother passed down to him. It’s a lovely heirloom, fits in well with the room, and is a cozy place for him to sit and keep me company when I am primping or playing the harp.


And lastly, sitting next to the bookshelf is a vase of silk flowers. These are the flowers that were used in my wedding bouquet, and I just love being able to have them there all the time as another happy reminder!

Hope you enjoyed the mini-tour and got some ideas for your space too! Till next time.


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  1. thank you for the lovely pictures. you and dan did a great job.some day when you are done with the house i may be able to come down and see it in person. i hope……….

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