This is What Happens When We Go Apple Picking

…. we come back with a piece of antique furniture, purchased from a random dude on the side of the road. Because, it’s us.


While we were driving out to get to the apple farm, on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere was a guy doing woodworking on his front lawn, with chairs, dressers, and tables piled up around him. There was no sign out for a business or yard sale, but because we are crazy, we pulled over on a whim to see if he was selling stuff. Sure enough, that was his wood shop! He is a carpenter who specializes in re-doing antique furniture. He works out of his house, and every nook and cranny is filled with all imaginable kinds of antiques, in varying states of repair. We found this lovely (very heavy) solid wood library desk that he had begun work on – as you can see, it is mostly sanded down – and will *definitely* be going back for more stuff! I have my eyes on his drawers upon drawers full of old furniture pulls. I may have a few projects for those. Hmmmm…. If anyone in the area wants his info, I’d be happy to pass it along! This is one of those places you would never find unless someone told you about it (or unless you invaded someone’s private land on a whim, like us). It’s a hidden gem!

So the moral of the story is – be weird and crazy. It pays off!

PS- This piece is slated to become our computer desk. Pics to come when it is in place and finished up!

PPS- You may see that some chunks are missing on the legs – no worries, they are in the drawers and just need to be glued back.


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