No Longer Blue

When we first arrived, one of the back bedrooms (now our “harp room”) was in a bad state, visually speaking. It was some patchwork of decor, from a 90’s era dusty rose plush carpet, to bright blue walls, complete with heavy linen neon blue/green/black striped drapes. Quite the combination.

Bedroom Before 1

Just… no. Not with a pink floor. My eyes!

Bedroom Before 2

The full shebang

Well, this was one of the rooms where we re-did the floors, so it was already at least up to a livable state, but the bright, vibrant blue was making me anxious and also clashed with everything we had, not to mention it completely clashed with the original 1920’s vibe we are going for.

Most of the people who have visited the house so far noted that they didn’t mind the blue so much, but do keep in context that we first saw this blue with the whole pink carpet/neon drapes combo, and we were scarred. This blue, it had too many bad emotions. Bad memories. Plus, for some reason most of the house had at one point been blue. In almost every room, if you look at areas where the paint job was poorly done, you can see glimpses of sky blue peeking through. In every room. Door jams? Blue. Window frames? Blue. Walls? Blue. Blue everywhere. Too many bad things have been done to this house in the name of blue! It is time to stop.


This gives you a better idea of just how vibrant the color is

This one was a quick fix to get things to at least a neutral, friendly state. Over the course of a week, I painted the walls with an eggshell beige that the former owners had left behind. This gives me a good backdrop for whatever color will eventually cover the room. And the project was basically free, since we just used paint that had been left over! Complete with a switch-out to lacy, vintage looking drapes, and the room feels so much brighter and airy.


Dan taking a break from painting

The room can now breathe. And so can I!

This is the color that we have planned for the room. But we are kinda sick of painting at the moment, so it may be a month or two for this to happen.


Sneak peek – future paint color!

In the meantime, how much nicer does this look?


-ps- in case you are wondering about the baseboards, when we pulled off the trim around the baseboard bottoms to do the floor, half the paint came with it! Whoever had painted them had not properly primed and, lucky us, this means that the wood will be very easy to expose! We plan on peeling up the rest of the paint and keeping the baseboards solid wood, no paint to detract from their natural beauty.


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