Metal Drawer Refinishing

Now that we are all moved in, we’re beginning to work on projects that are of a smaller scale (“weekend projects”). While they are not quite as flashy and sexy as redoing 5 rooms of hardwood floors all at one go, these littler projects are more manageable and are still very satisfying when finished!

This past weekend, I tackled some metal cabinets. The kitchen sink that came with the house is one of those 1930’s-1950’s era metal cabinets, which looks really ‘retro.’ I also happened to find a matching small set at a local salvage store for $35. Both sets of cabinets had seen better days, however, and are rusty in spots, especially the drawers. Since the drawers are what I need to use first, to store kitchen utensils, I decided to take care of those first. If it goes well, some other time I can refinish the exterior of the sink and cabinet too! One step at a time.

Here is what the drawers looked like before:


Here are the steps I took to refinish these:

1) Used steel wool to remove as much rust as possible

2) Primed with a Rustoleum rust inhibitor primer spray paint, in white

3) Let dry for an hour, then finished with 2-3 coats of glossy Rustoleum brand spray paint

All in all, it was a pretty easy project. Most of the time was actually spent in preparation, removing the rust from the surface. Here is the final result!


* SHINY! *

This was a simple weekend project that anyone could do!

What did Dan do this weekend, you may ask? He cleaned out the second fridge that the owners left (yes, there were two fridges in the kitchen. Why… why.) It took him all weekend, and if you saw the way it was left, you’d know why. I didn’t take pictures of that project, because I don’t want anyone to suddenly lose their appetite from reading my blog. Ick. Anyhow, he cleaned it and moved it to the basement (with a little muscle help from his dad), so now the kitchen is cleaner and clearer!

See you all next time, and be sure to check back in soon for more updates!


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