Monthly Archives: August 2013

With Knobs On!

Over the years, some of the handles on the doors in our house were replaced with the classic 80’s bright brass: Luckily, many of the original metal doorknobs have remained. They aren’t anything particularly fancy, but at least they are ‘period’ and look classy. Well, we lucked out and stumbled upon a fabulous antique shop […]

A Quick Flip

Another spray-painting project from over the weekend. The owners had left behind a metal shelf in the attic that, while it had a pretty form, was rusted and painted an unattractive speckled green color. Of course I forgot to take any ‘before’ pictures!  Like with the metal drawers, all I had to to was use […]

Metal Drawer Refinishing

Now that we are all moved in, we’re beginning to work on projects that are of a smaller scale (“weekend projects”). While they are not quite as flashy and sexy as redoing 5 rooms of hardwood floors all at one go, these littler projects are more manageable and are still very satisfying when finished! This […]

Before Moving, Do Floors, Part 3: The Final Results

We did end up finishing the floors about 2 weeks before we had to move in. Yay! It did end up taking about a week longer than we thought it might (laying down polyurethane in 90 degree heat with 90% humidity and the a/c shut off is pretty much the worst scenario for poly to […]