Monthly Archives: July 2013

We Moved!

Before finishing the floors post, I wanted to update you all and let you know that we moved this past weekend, and are now living full time in the house. Yay! We are tired and sore, but really happy. Many thanks to our friends who helped us lug furniture around in the July heat.  Advertisements

Before Moving, Do Floors, Part 2: The During

After ripping up the carpet, the next steps were prep work, sanding, cleaning, staining, and then finally varnishing (polyurethane). This is not a quick process and was very labor intensive, but in the end worth it! When we pulled out all the carpet – which was a massive chore in itself – I think we […]

Before Moving, Do Floors, Part 1: The Before

We had about a month overlap between purchasing the house and needing to move out of our apartment, so the first project that we decided to tackle was the floors. We felt that it is much easier to redo floors before actually inhabiting the house and needing to use them! The house has four bedrooms, […]


Rather than sharing updates on multiple different platforms (email, Facebook, etc.), we have decided to put our home renovation updates on this blog so that everyone can see how our projects are going, and get detailed information as to what we did in our renovations. Thanks for visiting!