So, remember this post from four whole years ago? This is the story of when we went to a nunnery that was about to be torn down and salvaged the stained glass. We made some new friends, who are still friends, and came away with a LOT of glass and good intentions. Most of […]

All good things come to an end! You have been patient, and now it is time for you to see the finished pictures.   The Door: The Room: The Sink: The Shower: So there you have it! Can you believe what a transformation there was in this room? Before and after shots: I’m still floored […]

If you feel like this is a long post series, you should have felt it when we were in the middle of doing the actual renovations! This project took in all at least a year and a half to complete, and was (as a reminder) the most intense complete room do-over we’ve done yet, including […]

If you haven’t read it yet, this is part 2 of a multi-part post, so start at post one here: So, here we are! Wall are up, but not much else yet. We should probably start with getting in paint, wall tile, and flooring. We looked around online a lot of different places for […]

Whoa, sorry about that. I’ve had people bug me about putting up a new post, which I appreciate because it means people were actually paying attention! Thanks, friends! So, some things happened: This has been sucking up my time for the past (*checks watch*) 2 years, and I haven’t had much time to shower, much […]

I’M BACK! I actually didn’t go anywhere. We stalled on all of our projects and are just now getting the wind beneath our wings to move forward. By that I mean we have gotten professional help, and realized that we can’t do it all by ourselves. That is a good place to be. It means […]

This project was one driven of both desire and necessity. Dan likes how shutters look, and wanted to put some on our house. Loki, the house pup, loves to stare out the window in the evenings and, just as you’re about to relax on the couch, freak out and bark “DANGER DANGER DANGER I think […]

So this is sort of a house project because we’re going to use some of what we found in our house, but it’s also a little tangential because this project was actually more about saving a great piece of art and local history. Over the last three years, Dan and I have been keeping an […]

While we are always the kind of people who prefer to keep original features when possible, sometimes it’s not possible or safe. This was the case with our upstairs hall floors. There is a nice hardwood floor hiding under a lovely coating of… asbestos tile. Scratch that – crumbling asbestos tile. Yeek. We pretty much […]

This project is one of those that I am the most proud of. It hits just about everything that I love and want out of our home projects. It 1) saved something old and well made out of the landfill, 2) brought out the beauty of something that had been covered under many layers of […]